The Endless Bummer

by Might as Well

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released March 18, 2015

Might as Well is Mitch Bowman and Kyle Goddard.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mike Kraushaar at Bully's Studios.
Flugelhorn on 'Bailas' by Willy Wang.
Bass on all songs by Carl Dick.

Thanks to Mike and Eug at Bully's, Willy and Carl for playing stuff on our record, our respective girlfriends for putting up with us spending Valentine's Day at the studio, and anyone who ends up liking this dumb record.



all rights reserved


Might as Well Vancouver, British Columbia

Two dinks making sad music.

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Track Name: The Endless Bummer
I still remember
Waking up in your apartment
And having no idea where I was
But being happier
Than I can ever remember being before

We made plans to see each other again
Before I left your city and went back home
All I could think about
Was how I didn't want this
To be a one night stand
Cause you were too fucking good for that

Now it's eight days later
And I'm sitting in the airport
I never saw you again
I feel sick to my stomach

I don't know how
To convince myself to get over it
And I don't know if I ever will
Track Name: All the Wrong Reasons
Buried in the bottom of a box
In the back of my closet
Is a picture of you
With a note on the back
And I've avoided looking at it
For over three years now

I can't remember what it says
Only that it contains the word

There are people who will tell you
That a photograph can steal you soul
And they're right
But for all the wrong reasons

There are people who will tell you
That distance makes the heart grow fonder
But they're wrong
And I know every single reason
Track Name: I Wish it Was Snowing
You're always asking me
What I wanna do today
And the answer is always
Exactly the same

It doesn't matter to me
Because the reason I'm here
Has nothing to do with what we're doing

I just wanna be
Close to you today

I know it's complicated
And I know it feels like
Life gets in the way sometimes
But we can wait it out
I promise it will get better
We'll make it better
Track Name: Mediocrity
Sometimes I lose all motivation
To try to be a better person
Sometimes I just can't be bothered
To be the man I swear i want to be

It's not that I think I'm a failure
But sometimes I just can't convince myself
That it's worth all the effort
To escape this mediocrity

I think I need somebody
To tell me if this matters at all

So write another post-dated to do list
Give me one more day to try to figure out
What went wrong

Write another list of everything I've left undone
Give me one more day to try to figure out
How to carry on
Track Name: Bailas
I fell asleep in the rain again
Right outside the place where we first met

I can't feel my fingers
And I can't bring myself
To get up off the concrete
And act like I'm not defeated yet

I wish I could say
That this is the first time
This has happened to me
But if I'm being honest
It's the third time in the last two weeks

I don't know
why I still believe
That if I wait here
You'll end up appearing
In front of me again

You've become
The ghost that keeps me
From being comfortable
In my own bed

I hope you're doing
Better than me